50 Caliber Crisis is a band that is all about the music. Our performances and practice times are our therapy sessions!! We have been in this groove for two years now! We all started out on new instruments coming in to 50 CC in order to create a challenge for ourselves and also a platform where we could grow as one and rise!! Our musical influences come from a wide array of artists through all genres of music! From Pink Floyd and Rush to Pantera and Marilyn Manson!

50 Caliber Crisis has been performing for the public for approx 1 year. In that short span of time we continue to turn heads at each performance as our live show is very intense and high energy! We have been quoted as “very entertaining to watch!” We have opened for acts such as Anvil, Dead Horse Trauma, Your Memorial and Gabriel and the Apocalypse. As well as numerous other local acts. Come out and catch a show! They are always a great time!!

50 Caliber Crisis has also just celebrated their first release!! ‘The Crystal Fall EP’. Please download and share for free!!! Their first full length album is due out mid to late summer 2014! Keep your eyes and ears peeled and posted for details!!

Thank you for taking the time to check us out!!!